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Revised Animatic

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New Storyboard

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Yet more changes to the story

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Some more changes after class critique.

Paper plane is replaced with paper ship(boat) that she makes while she is one the marry-go round. Wind blows her father’s musical sheets from the marry-go round. She leaves her ship and goes after the musical sheets. They fall in the river. Her father is occupied with his music and does not pay attention to her at all. She reaches to get his sheet out of river her self and this time she tries to get them from top of the bridge and as she reaches, slips and fall without him knowing she’d fallen.

Flashback to present, he goes on the bridge and plays violin for her. Reaches and take the paper ship she’d made and let it go in water.


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Some changes for the story based on the feedback I received at Mid-term review.

Story no longer start from him playing violin and earning a coin but him waking towards the marry-go round and him making it turn. He gets back and sits down on the bench and gets flashback. He is busy playing his violin. Daughter see him busy with his music picks up his musical papers without him knowing and gets on the marry-go round and makes her self a paper plane. She throws it and the plane takes a flight toward a river near by and flies over a bridge and gets stuck on bushes and rocks on the river. She follows the flight of the plane and sees it lands on the rock between the river by the bridge. She crosses the bridge and carefully gets on the rocks to get to the one that has plane stuck in. As she tries to reach for it, he foot slips and she falls in the river. He flash back to the present. He gets up and walk toward the same bridge. He takes out his violin and plays for her.

Mid Term Review Feed backs

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Very useful mid-term review with very helpful feedback and critique.

These were some suggestions from the review.

-Tighten up the story.

-Beginning is too long, can be cut short.

-Him playing violin is too cliche and too pixat like (one man band).

-Don’t need both, coin and paper, should pick one.

-Well is too heavy, think about replacing it to pond or some other form of wather.

-Push the strangness and sorrow a little more.

-Think about her dropping something in the well that she wants back.

Some reference and concept skethes

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Violinist Concept

Girl Concept

Visual Concept

Architect Concept