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Changed story a little, removed the fat kid from the story and introduced a little girls to a story, his daughter. He gets a flashback of his past life with little girl enjoying on kiddie ride. He no more rides it but something triggers him to get to the past. Instead of him riding, he places a small teddy bear on the ride and watches it and goes to the past. Teddy bear is replaced with his daughter riding and in past she is holding the same stuff toy in her hand. Something makes her drop the toy and he reaches for to grab it before it hits the ground and it triggers him to stop the flashback and brings him to present.


New Story

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The story is around this person who is poor and plays violin by a town fountain to earn money. He only get one coin tossed at his way. He picks up his violin and coin and heads off. He gets in front of a bread shop in order to feed himself. He sees a kiddie ride through the reflection of the glass window of the store. He’s confused on where to spend his one earned coin, to buy bread and feed his hunger or get on the kiddie ride.( First I had a smaller kid but I decided to change it to an older man who wants to ride this. As of now I am thinking of this man as an older dark character like a gothic characteristic. I thought it be a better twist to have an older man ride a kiddie ride). He finally decides to get on the ride and puts coin in, unfortunately the ride does not move, he gives it a few try to force it to move but to no avail. After wasting the only coin he gets off. There is a fat, spoilled kid who runs toward the ride, kicks his violin and gets on it. Before he can put in money, the rides starts and he mocks the old man who looks frustrated but accepts his fate and moves on. He sits by an edge in frustration and sees a frog.

I have not come up with an ending yet, but I would like to know what you thought about this new idea so far. I am open to any suggestion. I realize the mid-term is not too far so I have to work on this pretty quick.

Story Working ? ? ?

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Time to Scrap the old story and start a new one. Its simply is not working right now. Spending too much time on trying to forced the character and story into a fixed environment (post-apocalypse) I had my eye set on. I thought it would work but now is the right time to start over and come up with a new story. This time, not so much emphasis on the environment.


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Visual Sketch

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Reference Images

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