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Posted in PreProduction on January 31, 2010 by junoon1

Buildings destroyed with clunks of fragmented streets and broken hanging cables. Clash of nuclear powers has brought destruction to the world with no sign of life in this post apocalyptic time. Civilization has almost been extinct with chaos and disaster all around. Pre-teen boy wonders around all alone, trying to survive and get through. He has accepted the fact that he is on his own but he’s too young to understand what exactly has gone wrong around him. He walks around with a cart of potion syringes, which he pulls, he needs in order to survive in the environment that has been heavily filled with the after effect of the radioactive waves. Boy picks up anything that his eyes catches on to and carries it along with him. He’s on a journey of an unknown destination and during this he finds him self face to face with a broken and un-functional robot which he decides to fix. After not much struggle, he gets it to operate. Robot becomes his companion and follows him to his every move. Just as he needs to inject in order to live, he needs to find working batteries when his only other company runs out of power and can no longer go with him. They both need and rely to each other, and in a destroyed environment with no other being around, the young boy creates connection with the machine. In the end the time between the two was limited as he loses the Robot forever as they both tried to cross the broken bridge.