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Alpha Project Critique

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The feedback for Alpha project critique was very helpful which help me to think and explore more option in how to make the overall aesthetic of the game more interesting. Now, instead of recreating the whole medieval

environment, I have drifted to give it a little contemporary city feel integrated with that main medieval theme. It will be much more interesting to go this route to interconnect the two times together, as if the old story is being told in more of a contemporary style.

Another useful feedback from the critique is to make sure I don’t get carry away and lose track of the limited time I am left with and approach accordingly. This, I think, will be very important in order to complete what I have

thought of. I know it will get little complicated along the way but I still think I will be able to finish this project as I had imagined, but at the same time I am willing to amend as I go if that’s what it take


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RIP, A Remix Manifesto

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Copyright is a very sensitive issue and its hard to know where to draw a line, if to draw one. Its much of a bigger issue here in the US than the other part of the world.  From what I can understand, the whole idea for copyright can about to give credit, appreciation and acknowledgment to the person(s). However, what started as a way of protection haswallecopyrightcriminal now become a norm for money making. I first became aware of its seriousness many years ago when I heard an painter talked about him being sued for what he included in his paintings. He painted series of sea shells packed into ball jars and was sued for using the branded jar in his air brush paintings. He was asked not to sell any of his work that included their company’s brand, which were in almost all of his paintings. The whole thing was about money in the end, he offered to give them a little piece of the pie and they went their way. That I think is what the copyright has become today, MONEY. This documentary made me think, are writer any less than the big entertainment corporations. People based their writings on the work written by past authors and get away with only reference.

What girltalk meshup artist was making was very creative and time consuming. He was not just creating something for the sake, but there is a conscious decision behind every note and rhythm he’s going after. He is not doing anything different then what Walt Disney did, taking something from the past and using new medium for the present generation to put the message across. I am not sure how true it stands for the rest of the world, this copyright, and it all comes down to having a little piece of the pie. 3 out of 5 (and I am being generous) movies being made in Bollywood India are xerox copy of movies from Hollywood, and I am not talking about the subject, I mean literally, from every single dialogue to the cinematic and acting. It would be bizarre if Hollywood is unaware of it and not getting any royalties. Comparing Girltalk to Bollywood, what girltalk is doing is creating something interesting, new and very creative but is not allowed. Yet Bollywood is not creating anything creative but is allowed. We have a saying in our country which goes something along the line, “throw the money and watch ’em dance,” and I think that is what present day copyright issue has come down to, MONEY.

Alpha Project Presentation

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