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How to add Flash and video to your wordpress blog. I tried it on Firefox, not sure about IE, have not tried it.



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I first got a chance to look into some of Jeremy Blake’s creative interactive video pieces last year sometime over the internet. Though its not the same experice as standing in front of the piece itself and having to feel the mood it creates. You can see the receding of the space in his Angel Dust and the interaction the shifts of color create with the viewer.  It was as if watching one of Mondrian’s painting coming to life in an animation sort of way with more colors than Mondrian would use obviously. But it still has a same feeling. Its sad, such an atrist is no longer with us today.

Federico Diaz

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I had a chance to see Adhesion by Federico Diaz in Chelsea gallerya few weeks ago. I have to say, it was an interesting exhibition on display. The liquid tress stopped in time, technology controlling humans and the affect of human on technology. I was excited to see the interactive piece that influence the color shift with the heat of human presence. Since it is too subtle, its very hard to see any obvious change, and one has to stay there long enough to witness it. It reminds me of what Marshal McLuhan said about us being so cought up in this world that we faild to notice subtle change around and within us untill its too late. For us to notice, it has to be reasonably obvious. In the same piece, I couldnt stop but notice the coexistance of new and old technology. He used state of an art technology that control and change color in front panels, but the back was nothing more than simple pieces of carboards.

Beta Project

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General Description

A virtual environment game which is a combination of 3D and 2D world in Flash.  A simple 3D road structure will be created in Maya which will integrate with Flash 2D architect and figures. Keyboard arrow keys will allow the 3rd person fixed view to roam around and the option of mouse function to explore the environment and challenges within. The user will have the full control of the movement of the character and performing several jobs. Task of the game is to find the missing sword and proceed to meet the Ruler. Along the journey, the user will have to  face a challenge to help the needy person/family and leave user with a dilemma of choosing. The option to choose between the moral or state and depending on the choices made, the outcome will be different. Instead of a real life look, the game will have the feeling of a storybook. Person will roam around in this environment of 2d cutout architect and figures.

Use Case

On a loud knock on the door Horatsybian wakes to find out he has been invited to meet the King in his castle to finalize the much awaited attack by the neighboring country who have taken over part of their teritory. While making himself ready for the journey, he remembers the sword of honor he’s lost that he needs to carry with him to the castle. He cannot dare to stand in front of the King without this honor that was given to him by the mighty ruler. After a challenging journey to find the sword, he faces many challenges. In successfully finding the sword, and on his way to the castle, he receives a news of his pregnant wife being severely ill. It leaves him in a dilemma of choosing between continuing with his trip to king or returning home to see after his wife. He can opt to go back home and look after his wife who is about to give birth to his first child or proceed with his trip to the castle, where king is waiting. Choosing between state or family will result in different outcomes. If he decides to return home, the King loses part of his country and is very disappointed with Horatsybian but he is thrilled to see his new born son and wife. If he decides to make his trip to the castle, they push the attacked neighboring country further back, but in the process loses his wife and child during birth.

Future of Video Game as Art.

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There will be those who agree and than those who totally disagree with it witht he term “Game as Art.” That all depends on what their views are on games and art. I, for one, after knowing DADAism, cannot be too quick to disagree with gameASartwhat art is or isn’t . Who am I to disagree. It seems every time there is a new media, there is always this question of, whether it is or isn’t art. There has always been criticism on the introduction of new Art Media, and I believe this constant back and forth argument is what helps give birth to new Art Media. I somewhat agree that comercialization may hurt its winning the argument of Game as Art since in past Art is not seen as comercialization but than again, time has changed and it will be foolish of me to jump the gun and suggest “comecialization” of games would be inevetable in losing the battle.