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Flash Interaction Project

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Finished Flash Interactive Project. It is based on a MTA subway ticketing system.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Beta Project Proposal (Raw)

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For the Beta Project, I am thinking more on a line of creating a virtual world where a character will be free to more around and explore. I want to create the 3d environment in Maya and bring it into the Flash and have Flash take over from there. What I am not confident about is whether I can transfer the environment created in Maya and I certainly don’t know how to do that, at least now. And if I cannot, than I the whole interface will be a 2d environment, it will still be virtual and the character will be free to move and explore.

The character will roam around the place which will be similar to a rural of around medieval time. He will go around and will have a task to fulfill and during his journey, he will go through the exploration of town and what comes his way. I am not too sure about the task, as of yet. There will be several object and places to keep the character busy and the game interested. For example, if he see a house, he can enter the house and move in that environment.

It will aim, the age group of teen to late 20s for this game.

Pastel Stories AND Games Games & Games again

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I tend to stop reading right after when I read the word “game.” This is exactly what happened when I played Pastel Stories and Games, Games & Games Again. Without losing my self much into the detail of how it is played and what is the aim, I simply started playing. Only to find out later I had no idea what the goal was. I could navigate around fine, but there was a subject and reasons to both of the games. My first attempt on Games, games and games again, I avoid hitting the anything that came my way, but I suppose the aim of the game certainly was not to avoid but to explore those choices which eventually give further detail in to the game and the subject.

With Pastel Stories, it indulge me more into the story line and exploration. I cetainly found my self going back to the same location more than one occation and then frustrating myself when unable to locate gnomes. Once I got familiar with the game and the movability, I wished it was longer and there was more places to not only zoom in but also to zoom in into the already zoomed image/location.

Vannevar Bush

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I started reading “As we may think” without realizing the time it was written and published. But without going too further into the reading, I had an idea when this article was written by Vannevar Bush. At first I admit, there was a little confusion, precisely because of my lack of knowledge of its written era. This is when I realized, this had to be a writing from a at least 40 to 50 decades ago.

One can’t fail to notice how much further Bush was thinking of when he was talking about the achomplishment we will get. He may have been too generous to presume the amount of time and how much further human can get but he had a clear idea of what could be done in future. This is as he he was seeing the future or had a prophacy of what was to come.

He talked about being able to print without wetting the image, and I believe digital cameras and printing does just that. Same can be said for his vision of being able to fit all of encyclopedia into on something as small as a matchbox. With the help of all sorts of thumbdrive and their ability to conceive a large amount of data, puts his future sighting into rest.

All that can be said of Vannevar Bush is that, he was able to forsee the future of what we can achieve with the technology. What he may not have guessed is the pace this technology will go forward and revolutionalized how we not only see unfold in front of our eyes but live and experience it.

Interactive Media Flowchart

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This flowchart is based on the interaction I observed at the New York MTA Subway station(s). We often ignore the forms of interaction we are apart of. The interaction is between the purchaser of the MTA card and the metercard machine. There is a back and forth interaction from the decision to choose between deciding to use the booth or machine to the option of using cash or credit to simple buying of a new card in oppose to refil. Few of the time the interaction get to a point and even spurs emotion, how many of us have gone through the process and been told by the machine service unavilable or even the spitting out of the money whenever you hear the train coming and are in a hurry to just refil or get a new card.

DDA 584 Blog

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